12 Telltale Signs of a Non-Professional House Cleaner

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12 Telltale Signs of a Non-Professional House Cleaner

What should a housekeeper not do

As many homeowners in Missouri City, TX, who have had the misfortune of booking less-than-professional house cleaning services can tell you, not all housekeepers are equal. The truth is that many of them lack the skills, dedication, and experience needed to provide a valuable (or even passable) service.

In the following article, we’ll help you identify unskilled and unprofessional home cleaners by listing the top 12 things a housekeeping expert should never do. Read on!

What should a housekeeper not do?

A housekeeper should always act in a respectful and professional manner when working in a client’s home. If the person or company you’ve hired is doing any of the 12 things we’ve listed below, that’s a major red flag and you should probably not hire them again:

1. Steal

It goes without saying that a housekeeper should never just take a client’s belongings. This is a serious breach of trust and should lead to immediate termination of services and legal consequences.


2. Eat or drink the customer’s food

It is unprofessional to consume anything belonging to the client without their permission. A housekeeper should bring their own snacks and water bottle instead.

3. Use personal electronics

Doing this is unprofessional and disrespectful to the client. A home cleaning pro should be focused on providing quality cleaning services, not checking their phone or laptop.

4. Ignore special requests

A housekeeping pro should pay attention to any special requests or instructions that the client may have regarding certain areas of their living space. It is important to follow these requests carefully to ensure that the best possible service is provided.

5. Snoop

A housekeeper should always respect the privacy of the client and avoid going through personal belongings or reading private documents. This is an invasion of privacy and is not an appropriate use of time while working in a client’s home.

6. Leave the home unlocked

A housekeeper should never leave the client’s home unlocked or unsecured, even for a brief period. This is a serious safety risk, and they may be held liable if something happens to the home or its contents as a result.

7. Use strong-smelling cleaning products

A housekeeper should be mindful of using household supplies that have a strong scent or may cause allergic reactions. It is important to ask the client if they have any scent or chemical sensitivities and adjust the approach accordingly.

8. Neglect duties

A housekeeper should always be thorough and consistent in their cleaning duties, ensuring that all areas of the home are cleaned to a high standard. Failing to tidy up certain areas or completing the job thoroughly is not acceptable.

9. Be late or unreliable

They should be punctual and reliable when working in a client’s home. If they are unable to make an appointment, they should give the client as much notice as possible and reschedule promptly.

10. Invite others into the home

A housekeeper should not bring other people into the customer’s home without their permission. This includes friends, family members, or other individuals who are not part of the cleaning team.

11. Overpromise or underdeliver

A home cleaner should be honest with the customer about what they can and cannot do. They should not promise to complete tasks that they are unable to do and always communicate clearly about the scope of their services.

12. Use a client’s personal items

They should avoid using the client’s personal items, such as towels, toiletries, or clothing. They should always bring their own supplies instead.

Where in Missouri City, TX, can I book dependable house cleaning services?Where in Missouri City, TX, can I book dependable house cleaning services

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