Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I hire cleaning services?

    That’s Clean Maids of Katy TX presents booking solutions fit for the 21st century. You can book,, reschedule, and cancel our services all without calling us. Just click on our “Book an Appointment” tab, fill out an intuitive form, and you’ll see the pricing and the dates your cleaners are available. However, should you still need to contact us directly, you can see our contact information on the bottom of all our web pages.

  • How long does professional cleaning take?

    The duration of your cleaning appointment in Katy depends on the size and the current condition of your home. A rule of thumb is that standard cleaning lasts for an hour per room, while deep cleaning adds an additional hour to the total estimated cleaning time.

  • How many cleaners will come to my home?

    Generally, the cleaning crew we dispatch to your home will consist of a single cleaner, two cleaners, or three cleaners for the most demanding cleaning tasks. This is the best way to give you a completely tailor-made cleaning service. 

    Also, smaller cleaning crews mean that the cleaners get to know you and your home, which helps them become more efficient with every subsequent cleaning. Plus, this allows each of your cleaners to clean fewer homes every day, which means they get to rest up more and be even more prepared for the cleaning.

  • Will you always send the same cleaner?

    Sending the same cleaners to your Katy home on each occasion is something we aim to do. However, sometimes your cleaners will have a sick day, take time off, or go on a vacation, which means they will not be able to be there for your appointment. 

    However, you can relax knowing that the cleaner we dispatch to your home is also trained, experienced, and vetted, so there’s nothing to worry about.

  • Do you offer discounts for regular weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly cleaning service?

    We absolutely grant all our regular customers discounts, and we greatly value the loyalty of our customers. Discounts apply to all of your recurring cleanings. The discounts we offer to our clients in Katy include:

    • 20% off for weekly cleanings
    • 15% off for bi-weekly cleanings
    • 5% off for monthly cleanings
  • How are standard cleaning and deep cleaning different?

    Your cleaners offer two types of cleaning – a basic deep cleaning and deep cleaning pro. Basic deep cleaning is ideal for removing extra buildup around the frequently used areas, while deep cleaning pro includes the following additional cleaning tasks:

    • Detailing windows
    • Sills
    • Blinds
    • Baseboards
    • Cleaning extra buildup on knobs, doors, ceiling fans, outlets, cracks, crevices, and vents

    We always recommend all our new customers in Katy, TX begin by booking a deep cleaning, and then continue using our standard cleaning services afterwards.

  • What is move in/move out cleaning service?

    The move in/move out cleaning service your cleaners can perform includes everything from the deep cleaning checklist, with the addition of the following cleaning tasks:

    • Cleaning the inside of the oven
    • Cleaning the inside of the fridge
    • Cleaning the inside of all the cabinets
    • Sweeping your porches

    Move in/move out cleaning service is perfect for homeowners that are either moving into a new home, or moving out of their home and want to get the house ready for the new occupants.

    However, you should not confuse this cleaning service with post-construction cleaning, which includes cleaning of trash and heavy debris. The cleaners we send to your home do not provide junk removal services, and they will not render cleaning services in situations that have to do with hoarding.

  • What is your rescheduling and cancellation policy?

    You can always change the date of your cleaning appointment through our customer portal (the “Log in” tab in the top right corner of our website) once you book your 1st appointment. You can even cancel your appointment altogether. 

    However, we only ask that you not cancel or reschedule for any reason. Notify us no later than 24 hours before your appointment. We have a $70 late cancellation fee for all cancellations made later than 24 hours prior to your appointment.

  • Should I tip the cleaners?

    You are not obligated to leave a tip for your cleaners. However, if you think that your cleaners have done an outstanding job with your home, it would be a nice gesture to tip them. It would really make their day.

  • Should I be at home while the cleaners are working?

    The decision on whether or not you’re going to be home when cleaners come is entirely yours. There are two options to choose from when booking a cleaning appointment:

    • I will be home.
    • I will leave the key for a 1-time service.

    If you choose to not be present when your cleaners arrive at your home in Katy, you will get an additional prompt to either specify the location where you leave the key for the cleaners, or enter the key code. If you’re home when your cleaners come, you’ll get to meet them. If not, don’t worry, they’ll lock up.

  • How do I pay for the cleaning service?

    There is absolutely no need to look for cash or checks on the day or your cleaning appointment in Katy, TX. You can pay for all the cleaning services with a credit card. Our website is completely encrypted and secure. We will charge you once your cleaners finish the job.

    However, we will place a “hold” on the credit card the day before the cleaning to ensure the funds will remain available on your credit card. If the necessary funds are unavailable, we will try to contact you, or we will reschedule until the funds become available.

  • How can I give you my feedback?

    Whenever your cleaners complete a job, you will receive a survey containing the following sections:

    • Cleaning was great.
    • Cleaning was OK.
    • Cleaning wasn’t good.

    We would greatly appreciate you taking the time to provide us with invaluable feedback, no matter if it’s good or bad. We will use this information to improve the cleaning services.

  • What is post-construction cleaning?

    Post-construction cleaning service is the most time consuming type of cleaning we can arrange in Katy, TX. Deep cleaning after construction or renovation is the biggest mistake many people make. Construction and renovation leave so much dust behind that deep cleaning will simply not suffice. 

    Post-construction cleaning can be finished using a “By the Hour” method, and it includes:

    • Extra attention to dust within your home, which may require two visits.
    • Potential film and sticker from mirrors, windows, and tubs.
    • Sawdust removal.
    • Cleaning and polishing of all fixtures.