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Whether you’re coming or going, moving to a new home and leaving your old place behind can be a hectic and emotional experience. Allow move in & move out cleaning professionals in Katy, TX to swoop in and make things easier, sparing you the stress and frustration from last-minute delays.

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Why give your landlord a reason to complain and risk not getting your security deposit back when you can book professional move out cleaning in Katy, as swift and simple as 1, 2, 3? Impress prospective tenants and potential buyers with a sparkling clean and delightfully fresh house or condo and make your new place in Katy feel like home while minimizing the stress in your life as the moving day approaches and you have a long to-do list to go through.

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Let the pros take over, let your hair down and make the most of your free time.

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Hassle-free, mess-free, stress-free

Move in & move out cleaning services are the missing link on your moving day. We can make it happen!

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The cleaners we work with have been through a rigorous vetting process to ensure they’re perfect for the job.

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You will love every moment you save owing to our smoothly coordinated, time-saving process.

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That’s Clean: the full package for move in/move out cleaning

The move in/move out cleaning package we bring takes things to the next level. It is the ultimate combination of add-on services and the deep cleaning service which is as thorough and detailed as it gets and includes detail-cleaning inside the oven, the fridge, kitchen cabinets, and drawers. On top of that, you get floor sweeping of your garage or the porch. Move in/move out cleaning in Katy is the perfect solution for when you are moving, buying, or selling a house.


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is it better to clean one room at a time?

    Professional cleaners prefer to stick to the task at hand, namely to clean one room at a time. By taking the systematic approach, they can stay focused until a room or area of your home has been thoroughly cleaned. The cleaner we will send your way for the move in/move out cleaning of your Katy house or condo will follow the same system.

  • Should you clean a house before moving in?

    Services provided by cleaning industry professionals in Katy are in high demand across the area mainly because of health and safety concerns. A clean home is a home that makes you feel safe, and a safe home is a happy one.

    Whether you are extremely health-conscious for a reason, such as if you or a family member suffer from dust mite allergies, or simply skeptical about your predecessor’s standard of cleaning, having your new house thoroughly cleaned before moving in is a smart choice to make.

  • What is included in a move in cleaning?

    Move in cleaning is a detailed cleaning package with the preferred outcome of restoring a piece of property to its original state. While similar to the deep cleaning package, move in/move out cleaning is a more time-consuming and more demanding project, which is why more than one cleaner may need to be put on the job.

  • How long does it take to do a move out clean?

    Providing detailed results is a time-consuming process even for cleaning industry professionals because the more detailed cleaning packages such as meticulous post construction cleaning for a renovated Katy home, as well as Katy’s recurring standard or deep cleaning or move in and move out cleaning feature a broad scope of tasks which are more demanding, more difficult and more complex than the tasks included in a standard cleaning checklist. 

    Although professional cleaners have more effective strategies and more experience, they can also achieve optimal results with patience, and that takes time. However, we can safely assume that your scheduled move out cleaning in Katy or the surrounding areas can be completed in a day.

  • Can I do end of tenancy cleaning myself?

    While you can take the DIY approach to your end-of-lease cleaning, bear in mind that you will have many things to do before you move out of your old place near Katy Mills. Even if you have already found a new home for yourself, you still have to handle the packing, organize movers, etc. On top of that, you have your regular responsibilities to manage and errands to run. 

    As a result, cleaning is the last thing you want to dabble in yourself. But if you are determined to go through with it, it is essential that you plan ahead and start packing, decluttering and cleaning ahead of time, even weeks in advance.

  • Where do I book move in and move out cleaning in Katy, TX?

    Contact That’s Clean Maids and let us show you the easier way to handle things. We already have an automated booking process in place designed to facilitate your access to our move in or move out cleaning service, just when you need it most. 

    Schedule your move in or move out cleaning in Katy, TX to spruce up your home in time for the arrival of your former landlord, future tenants, or prospective buyers. Let professionals step in and take over while you manage what matters to you most. Call now!